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"New York trio New Myths just released their debut album, Give Me Noise, a collection of darkly embroidered rock and synthpop, composed of drum hits that cast long shadows and synth tones that radiate an inner glow. Their guitars are supermassive and seem to suck away the air around them, and above this precise, conducted darkness their voices weave into gorgeous arabesques of harmony."



"This is Spinal Tap . . . the new wave, pop-rock group New Myths, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The NYC trio pack a stylish punch of dark, slinky and most certainly catchy pop music. The girls have taken NYC by storm and are now out to conquer the world with their upcoming album, Give Me Noise ."  



"Overdriven guitars are layered over the band’s traditional synth sound to create a wonderfully angsty and energetic tune. The call and response vocals call back to memory classic 2010s hits like Muse’s “Resistance,” as well as provide a fun sing-song element to an otherwise heavy and rocking song.


The band’s love for dramatic goth rock like Siouxsie and the Banshees shines through on Brit Boras’s shadowy vocals and the trio’s celestial harmonies, but the band’s instrumental palette pulls equally from grungier ‘90s alt rock. Thick layers of overdriven guitars blare while Rosie Slater’s driving drum passages and Marina Ross’s snaking basslines intertwine, adding the band’s steadfast pop sensibilities to the sounds of Veruca Salt and Garbage. 


"Yet while it could seem as if every Brooklynite with a laptop was in the CMJ lineup, New York is still home to bands as varied as . . . New Myths, whose updated new wave can sprout shoegaze distortion and three-part vocal harmonies."


"Neon-hued both visually and sonically, this power trio’s combination of intense electro-rock sonics, pop savvy, punkish energy, glam theatricality, and occasional gothy moodiness is something like the lovechild of Shirley Manson and Marilyn Manson who’s now all grown up and going to her first orgy with a guest list that includes the Hanson brothers circa “MmmBop” and the full cast of the Josie and the Pussycats movie during which a DJ is slated to spin tracks by Republica, Elastica, and Veruca Salt to set the proper mood."


"CMJ keeper!"



"Burning up Brooklyn with their haunting and ethereal vocals and killer chill-inducing melodies. With so much hype built around their newly released debut album, Give Me Noise, I was shocked to find that the trio was unsigned. Someone snatch these girls up!"


"'Time Bomb' has an undeniable edge and lots of fire, this is your ideal pick-me-up for days when you feel under the weather and also when you need a serotonin boost."

"Armed with edgy synth lines, hypnotic vocal hooks, and a gritty raw energy, New Myths will worm their way into your ears and your heart."


"New Myths boast a stylish synth-pop sound on their debut Give Me Noise that belies their relative newness as a band."



"New Myths blew in like a cool Summer breeze as the headliner... and generally seduced the audience with some quality Go-Go’s meets Dum Dum Girls sounds. They manage to bring on the rawness of a power-trio 90’s Muffs with the smoothness of a glammed-out 80’s Blondie. Lead singer and guitarist Brit Boras belts out a tune like a modern Kate Bush while drummer Rosie Slater and bassist Marina Ross together blend synths with fuzzy guitars to produce a darkly rocking and yet strangely danceable sound."


"[The] five tracks of blistering alt rock take as much influence from bands on this side of the Atlantic as from 90s US grunge bands and the rich punk rock heritage of their home city [...] These trans-Atlantic touchpoints make for an intriguing mix – bright power pop guitars, dark washes of synth, retro girl group backing vocals behind a curled lip lead – that has won them acclaim on both sides of the pond."

"New Myths strike a pretty profound existential chord for me for a few reasons… [Their] morbidly danceable, often-synthetic, sounds remind me of my most lovely angsty teen years, ruled by the likes of Blondie and New Order… They also recently played . . . a set that my jaded ass didn’t actually have to pretend to be amused by… I actually was.  Their debut LP embodies pretty much every kind of sonically morose ass-wiggler that could be expected of the children of post-punk, new wave, and synthpop."



"NYC three-piece New Myths sent signals and rock-mystical gestures . . . sending out the first initial warning shot, “Howl”. Rosie Slater, Marina Ross, and Brit Boras traverse the city through the feet on the pavement verses that break into full lead weighted guitar choruses."


"Boras is a terrific frontwoman, Slater a great drummer, and Ross a talented bassist. Ross’ onstage exuberance is infectious, and it brought to mind similar displays by Buzzcocks’ Steve Diggle."


“The song had us yearning for the years of our teenage youth when easy times felt hard and “no one understood us!” While we can go hours raving about how angsty yet empowered the song makes us feel, the ultimate opinion lies on the ears of the listener. 



"The EP's five tracks sport a righteous rock fury sorely missing today, with scalding vocals, propulsive drums and filthy riffs."



"[The EP] finds the Brooklyn trio taking their love for acts like Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Pretenders as well as grungy 90's alt-rock, and throwing it in a blender to come up with something all their own." 


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